Gempar Ikan Duyung dari Singapore

Gempar Ikan Duyung dari Singapore

Singapore 'mermaid' makes $500 an hour from $5,000 tail.

People think of mermaids as graceful mythical sea creatures.

But Ms Cara Nicole Neo knows being one is not as glamorous as it looks.
Since July 2013, she has been transforming into Mermaid Syrena for children's parties and corporate events.

Her feet blister when she swims in her silicon mermaid tail for a long period of time, and her eyes have become more sensitive to bright light after prolonged exposure to chlorinated water.

But she takes it all in her stride.
Ms Neo loves "mermaiding" so much she even designed and shipped a 15kg made-to-measure silicon tail from the US, which cost around $5,000.