The exploding racism among the Malaysian.

I have been monitoring the comments and postings in Facebook and Twitter and I can see that the racial and religious divide has gone beyond the point of no return. Malaysia is now poised to explode into ‘May 13’ version 2.

Malaysians no longer care what they say and whether what they say offends others or hurts the feelings of others. Chinese and Indians, and some Malays as well, no longer want to show respect to their own country by calling it Malaysia. They would rather mockingly call it ‘Bolehland’.

I wonder how the French would feel if you call France ‘Frogland’ or how the Singaporeans would feel if you call their island-state ‘Kiasuland’? You would probably get punched in the face, as I feel like doing to those who show disrespect to their own country by calling Malaysia ‘Bolehland’.

Europeans (or even the other South East Asian nationals) may be angry with their government or with their politicians. But they are loyal citizens of their own country and are proud of their country and their flag. Malaysians, in particular the Chinese and Indians, do not appear to have this kind of decency.

Malays will say ‘marah nyamuk, bakar kelambu’, or cut the nose to spite the face. You may hate Umno, or Barisan Nasional, but you lash out at Malaysia, the Malays, the Muslims, and Islam to vent your anger and frustration. Is it right for those who do not support DAP to lash out at the entire Chinese race? Then why is it right for those who are angry with Umno to lash out and mock their own country, the Malays, the Muslims, and Islam?

The way some of you talk is as if Malaysia is another country and not your country. You mock Malaysia and lash out at Malaysia just like China looks at Japan or North Korea looks at South Korea.

Are you saying that Malaysia is Malay-Islam and since you are not Malay-Islam then Malaysia is your enemy? Many of you despise the Malays, the Muslims and Islam. That, by now, is very clear from your comments and postings in the social media.

Most Malays are very aware that the non-Malays hate them and their religion. This message is very clear and there is no confusion about what that message means. However, as much as the non-Malays may hate the Malays, Muslims and Islam, we would at least expect the non-Malays to love their country and not show so much hatred for their own country.

I think it is time that the non-Malays and non-Muslims ponder as to who the real enemy is. Christians scream about how Jesus taught us to hate the sin but love the sinner. Christianity is about love, so say the Christians. But we can see through this Christian bullshit when they not only despise the sinner but they also despise those who never did anything to them.

Did 18 million Malays sin against you? Even if three million Malays did sin against you (taking the Umno membership into consideration) why do you despise the other 15 million Malays who did you no wrong? And you tell me this is what Christ taught you, to love?

Where is the love? You only show hatred. And you show hatred for the country you were born in just because you hate a certain political party.

Serious damage has been done to race relations in Malaysia. And the problem with this is the damage is so severe and so far gone that reconciliation is almost impossible. So where do we go from here? Are we going to settle our differences on the streets? The way we are going it looks like there is no other way to settle our differences.

We can no longer detect who is the victim and who is the aggressor. Both sides are equally aggressive and are spoiling for a fight. At the end of the day the winner will be the one with the most number of guns. And in such a situation there will be victims from both sides.

Be careful with what you wish for because you might not like what you receive. And don’t pretend you are the victim when you are equally guilty of provoking race and religious tension.

~Source: Raja Petra Kamarudin@Malaysia Today